Affordable single-family homeownership


NCST works to increase homeownership by expanding the supply of affordable, single-family homes to stabilize neighborhoods, build community wealth, and advance racial equity.


For more than a decade, NCST has been a trusted intermediary for responsible, locally-based buyers and developers who acquire and rehabilitate homes to create affordable homeownership opportunities. We facilitate the transfer of these homes, aggregate financial resources, and build local capacity to expand, preserve, and rehabilitate single family homes.


We also advance affordable homeownership by supporting practitioner-led efforts in communities across the country that inform our push for homeownership policy innovation and reform.

A house with some cottage style elements and detached two car garage in background

NCST’s housing transactions help community buyers stabilize neighborhoods and provide opportunities for affordable homeownership.

Father and daughter on their driveway playing basketball in front of their garage

We create pathways to affordable homeownership for families with policymakers. NCST advocates for policy solutions through letters & publications.

Two Black men helping each other in their neighborhood, each holding part of a medium/large size box

Our community initiatives are designed to support long-standing stable neighborhoods through programming & modest investments.

Recent Advocacy
  • Joint Letter: FHA and Ginnie Mae Title I Manufactured Housing Programs Request for Input Response (9/26/22)
  • Joint Letter: Letter to FHFA, FHA, CFPB, VA, and USDA on Communicating with Delinquent Borrowers with Home Equity (8/31/22)
  • Comment Letter: Comment to the Federal Housing Administration on CWCOT First Look (ML 2022-08) (6/3/22)