NCST (the National Community Stabilization Trust) is a non-profit organization established during the mortage crisis in 2008. Since our founding, we have been concerned with the impact that vacant, abandoned, and distressed homes have on communities. We focus on how these homes can be rehabilitated to create affordable homeownership opportunities.


Our REOMatch™ platform provides approved, mission-driven buyers with an exclusive first look at distressed mortgaged property, providing them an edge over cash buyers. REOMatch™ has facilitated over 28,000 transfers of homes in communities across the country in a predictable, standardized, and streamlined way. Once transferred, our REOTrack platform collects information on the rehabilitation process and the ultimate transfer to a new homeowner. Over 80% of the homes transferred through our platform are sold to owner-occupant purchasers.


Expanding affordable homeownership is essential to stabilizing neighborhoods, building community wealth, and advancing racial equity.


We have developed an integrated approach to advancing affordable homeownership that facilitates the transfer of distressed and defaulted mortgaged property, leads policy advocacy efforts to bring about homeownership policy innovation and reform, and convenes locally-based practitioners by providing technical assistance and activating funding. This integrated focus on housing, policy, and community guides our efforts to grow the capacity, knowledge, and partnerships necessary to advance affordable homeownership.


Every family who wants to can achieve homeownership in vibrant, healthy, and stable communities.


NCST works to increase homeownership by expanding the supply of affordable, single-family homes to stabilize neighborhoods, build community wealth, and advance racial equity.


NCST advances its mission through three areas of practice, our “pillars”:

A Housing Pillar that facilitates the sale of distressed and defaulted mortgaged homes and tracks outcomes.

A Policy Pillar that leads the Homeownership Alliance, supports member organizations, and advances homeownership policy innovation and reform.

A Community Pillar that convenes practitioners, provides technical assistance and activates capital and funding.


REO Match: Learn how verified community buyers can see and purchase local housing inventory.

Middle Neighborhoods: Learn about our efforts to bring attention to the challenges of America’s middle neighborhoods and working class communities.

DASH Fund: Learn about our efforts in Baltimore to bring capital to distressed neighborhoods by supporting small housing developers.

Homeownership Alliance: Learn about our national coalition of local non-profit practitioners who are working to increase affordable homeownership.

Together, we find solutions and strategies to ensure neighborhood stabilization programs are implemented successfully.