Vital National Survey of Community-Based Development Organizations

Dear NCST Community Partners,


NCST is a proud partner in a national study of community-based development organizations – the Grounding Values Study. The study’s current phase is a survey of all nonprofit community developers in the United States. I strongly encourage each and every local community-based development organization to invest 30 minutes in completing the Urban Institute Survey. We need this high-quality data to advocate with policymakers and funders. This is the first national survey since 2005. It was commissioned by the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA) to demonstrate the comprehensive nature of your work and its unique ability to advance equity and community prosperity.

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NACEDA has alerted us that smaller organizations are under-represented on this survey. If your organization’s budget is under $1 million, we strongly encourage you to complete the survey. One of NACEDA’s primary goals for the survey is to develop systems to better support smaller organizations’ need for funding and capacity building.


Check your inbox for an email invitation from the Urban Institute with the subject line “Request to Participate: National Survey of Nonprofit Community Developers.” Your email includes a unique custom link to the survey. If your organization did not receive an invitation, fill out this survey request form. All respondents will be entered into a random drawing – and 100 of them will win a $100 Visa gift card.



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